We’re here to help you get your project done. Whether its a TV spot, a corporate video, a short or a feature, we’re here to help you get it done on time and on budget. We can help with just shooting, just editing, just FX work, Blu-rays or web, or the whole package.


Even more than principal photography, we like to cut.

From simple interview bites to complex computer graphics and effects work, we can cut it.  Creating a coherent message or story from disparate pieces is what it’s about.  Not just the technical, like working r3d files, DPX sequences and 4k ProresHQ into mp4 screeners, but knowing pacing, breathing and emotion.  Fitting the puzzle pieces together – that’s editorial.

Three suites are available - an A, B, & C room.  The A Suite is best when you're expecting lots of company, since it seats 7 fairly easily.  50 inch plasma as well as a flexible bin monitor means you can see what you need to without breathing down the editor's neck.  Breath mint?

And it would be just wrong not to mention both the A & B rooms are outfitted with 5.1 surround monitoring, ProTools 11, and Waves Gold bundle plug-ins, so sound is not a forgotten element in post process.

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