We’re here to help you get your project done. Whether its a TV spot, a corporate video, a short or a feature, we’re here to help you get it done on time and on budget. We can help with just shooting, just editing, just FX work, Blu-rays or web, or the whole package.

About Us

Alliance Video and Post, Inc.

The staff at Alliance have a combined 40 years of production and post-production experience. Our handiwork has been on national television for years. We have the in-house resources for a Multi-camera shoot in HD, edit the same across 3 suites with shared storage, create graphics and finish your project on time and in budget. Whether you need a shoot package, a room with an editorial view, or a carefully encoded web video or Blu-ray, we have what you need. At Alliance Video and Post, our desire is to provide you with helpful solutions for your production and editorial needs. Browse our Web site for more information about Alliance Video and Post. If you have any questions or would like to speak with an Alliance Video and Post representative, please e-mail us at info@AllianceVideoAndPost.com or just ring us at 203 325-1190.    

Our Team

  • Bruce Colgate

    Prior to the start of Alliance Video and Post, Bruce Colgate was an on-staff Director and Director of Photography for…
  • Remo DeNardo

    Remo DeNardo is both an Editor and Audio Engineer.  Remo’s work has been featured in a number of television programs,…
  • Shawn Neilsen

    Shawn Neilsen has an extensive background in electronic entertainment delivery systems. His editorial skills as an assistant editor and his…